All Natural Stone  offers stone products for parks, schools, landscape designers and town planners. All Natural Stone also offers playground equipment and shades.

All Natural Stone custom designs new playgrounds with its premium range of playground equipment. All Natural Stone offers playground equipment for schools, councils and other applications.

All Natural Stone also offers design and installation services for sails and shade structures. All Natural Stone offers the coolest sun shade solutions for clients.

All Natural Stone provides a wide variety of under surfing options for play equipment. It also offers organic artificial grass and wet pour rubber for playgrounds. All Natural Stone also caries out site preparation operations, manages and co-ordinates the entire playground project for clients.

All Natural Stone also offers park application furniture like picnic shelters, BBQ shelters, seating and park basins. All Natural Stone offers special discounts for the playmaker vandal proof wheelie bin. Steel wheel bin, weighing below 34 kg, from All Natural Stone is an alternative solution for plastic bins. All Natural Stone also creates custom made playground, soft –fall, shades and bins.