All Architectural Hardware pride themselves on their production of durable, innovative, Japanese style door levers and locks.

The company produces a wide array of models that suit the needs and purposes of their diverse customer base. All Architectural Hardware door levers and locks are popular amongst business and home owners alike.

The KAW-LMR model is one of the many door locks that are perfect for installation in both residential and commercial settings. They feature a minimum necessary lock tension, so the door lever is easy to operate. The metal latch and strike plate work in unison so as pressure is applied to the door lever the door firmly closes.

The KAW-LSR door lock model is similarly easy to operate. It features a profile cylinder hole which can be used in compliance with German Industrial Standards. The model has an in built mechanism that allows it to respond in accordance with the pressure and/or weight being placed on the door lever. This ensures that irrespective of one’s weight or strength, the door lever can be used with ease.  

All Architectural Hardware has developed two indicator lock models that can be installed along with the customer’s choice of door lock and lever. These two models, the KAW-INDI01 and KAW-INDI02, allow users to lock the door from the inside, and make it visible to outside users that the door is locked and the room occupied. This is perfect for use in public locations such as hotels, restaurants and schools.