Aljebric  specialises in offering consultation and advisory services on brick matching solutions to its clients. Aljebric aids its customers in choosing the right colour, finish and texture. Aljebric supplies a wide range of bricks, pavers, block works and light weight brick systems from leading manufacturers in Australia. Bricks from Aljebric are available in various colours ranging from traditional to trendy shades. Pavers and bricks from Aljebric are also available in textured and smooth faces.

Brick matching services from Aljebric are ideal for building extensions and second storey additions. Aljebric offers free quotations and expert services. For the customers to obtain ideal brick matching solutions, they have to send 2 photos of their existing brick work to Aljebric. There are certain criteria which the customer should follow while taking the photograph. Initially, the first picture should cover only 6 to 10 bricks in the frame and other picture should cover about 50 to 100 bricks in the frame. Customers should also ensure that the bricks are dry while taking the pictures. Experienced consultants from Aljebric offer the closest possible brick match to its customers.