Aliquantum  offers a wide range of stainless steel designs and outdoors concepts. Aliquantum provides various types of products for outdoor solutions, which include awnings, blinds, panels, slimline shades, nautica shades, screens, privacy screens and balustrades.

Awnings from Aliquantum, such as Cafe style awnings, are simple and elegant and are generally used by architectures. They are ideal for any season and suitable for any type of door, whether it is bi-folded, a slider door or french doors. Cafe style awnings can be fitted along with a valance to give rustic feel, and a modern look can applied when fitted without a valance.

Aliquantum offers blinds which are developed according to the Australian coastal environment. Ferrari Soltis fabrics are used to fabricate the top and premium quality stainless steel is used for the fitting. Blinds are available in two different styles, which are the spring loaded tension blind and the traditional rope drawn blind. These blinds are suitable for verandas, patios and balconies

There are two types of panels available from Aliquantum, these being the Slimline shade panel and the Nautica shade panel. The slimline shade panels offer better shade and protection from the rain, even in extreme conditions. Nautica shade panels and awnings from Aliquantum are simple and are ideal for smaller balconies. They are available in wide array of colours.