Alimak Hek has launched the latest addition to its light range, offering lightweight strength, flexibility and simplicity in the form of the new selection of Hek TPL material hoists.

The Hek TPL 500 and 300 lightweight material hoists feature a simple yet robust design that make them suitable for all vertical access needs, including building and scaffolding access, for new construction or existing refurbishment work.

The structure is hot dip galvanised and constructed from folded and perforated plates. This ensures the anti-slip walking surface of the TPL hoist remains rigid over time, avoiding the need for surface maintenance and replacement.

An erection platform allows for smooth operation during mast erection and dismantling, while mast sections fixed with eyebolts guarantee safe and swift assembly.

The drive unit of the Alimak TPL hoist is mounted on a tandem frame, distributing pressure consistently to prevent less mast wear and allow for smoother travel along mast sections. Installed in the heart of the drive unit, the Hek safety device and overload protection system ensure the safety of operators at all times.

The TPL materials hoist features a hot dip galvanised base frame and levelling screw jacks, both of which enable the Hek TPL hoist to be easily positioned, in even the most limited of space.

Available in either a three phase 500kg capacity, or 300 kg single phase configuration, the Hek TPL 500 and 300 have a maximum lifting speed of 24m/min and 10m/min respectively, and are designed to offer the most cost effective vertical transport solution on site.