Alimak Hek has engineered a unique fall arrest system to meet increased safety requirements for the Gorgon Project at the Barrow Island facility, WA.

The Gorgon Project, the largest of its kind in Australia, will see forty trillion cubic feet of natural gas extracted from the Gorgan and Janz gas fields for processing at Barrow Island.

Alimak Hek was awarded a contract for the supply of two two Scando 32/32 hoists on the erection of two 18,000 cubic metre LNG containment tanks.

The hoists, which will transport men and materials during the construction of the containment tanks, will also provide workers access to the higher levels of the tank frame.

Alimak identified the need for additional safety measures that were required to allow riggers to work safely from the roof of hoists prior to their installation.

In accordance with the site regulations specified by the Gorgon joint venture, Alimak Hek provided a unique solution in the form of a fall arrest system.

Anchor plates will be fixed to the roof of each Scando 32/32 construction hoist, allowing riggers to install the anchor post from inside the cab. Operators will then be able to harness themselves to one of three anchor points, enabling them to safely mount and work off the hoist roof.

Alimak Hek’s fall arrest solution may be used on future projects where regulations re-quire additional safety measures.

The Gorgon Project is currently in its third year of construction, with first gas planned for the Barrow Island LNG facility in 2014.