One Central Park, Sydney, is the first residential stage of Watpac’s $2 billion Central Park Precinct development.

The project includes two towers comprising a combined total of 623 residential apartments and five levels of basement car parking. Construction of One Central Park commenced in December 2010, and is due for completion in early 2013.
Alimak Hek installed a Scando 20/32 hoist at One Central Park to provide safe and efficient vertical access to the five basement levels during construction of the underground car park, however the absence of an anchor structure on which to attach the hoist mast and a 13m gap between the hoist and ground level embankment presented a  major obstacle.

The challenges during installation were the ab-sence of any structure to which the hoist mast could be anchored and a 13m gap between the hoist and ground level embankment.

AlimakHek engineered a thirteen metre platform to bridge the gap between embankment and hoist. This platform was supported by an additional mast and allowed men and materials to traverse the expanse from ground level to hoist.

The Scando 20/32 hoist was then used to transport workers, equipment and materials down five levels into the excavation site.

The addition of the Alimak hoist improved site safety, eased manual handling and sped the construction process by swiftly and efficiently transporting men and materials between the ground-level embankment and below-ground construction site.

Alimak Scando is available in single or dual car configurations and reaches lifting heights of 400m and speeds of 100m/ min, with a maximum supportable payload capacity of 2,800kg.