Alfresco Spaces  provides ideal solutions for clients for heating outdoor spaces. Alfresco Spaces has 15 years of experience in the hospitality industry and is a specialist in offering out space/outdoor heaters. The heaters from Alfresco Spaces provide a safe and easy living environment, outdoors.

Alfresco Spaces offers Infratube Quartz Outdoor heaters which has the latest infrared technology integrated in it. Outspace heaters from Alfresco Spaces are easy to install and have low maintenance cost. Since Infratube heaters convert most of the energy into radiant energy and this energy is being absorbed only by solid objects, the outspace heaters are energy efficient.

Infratube Quarts Outdoor heaters are available in various widths ranging from 15cm to 80cm and in lengths ranging from 84cm to 156cm. Infratube Quartz outdoor heaters from Alfresco Spaces are capable of generating additional income and seating capacity by converting an outdoor area into another room.

Alfresco Spaces’ New Generation heaters can be conveniently used in heating out spaces like spa pool areas, gazebos, patios or barbeque and apartment decks.