Alfresco Spaces  is a specialist in outdoor heating. Alfresco Spaces offers Infratube outdoor heater that help customers to enjoy outdoor dining and outdoor entertainment all through the year.

Infratube outdoor heater has a heating element called the electric quartz. The electric quartz produces the infrared radiant energy which aids in outdoor space heating. Since the radiant energy emitted by Infratube outdoor heaters is absorbed only by solid objects, no energy is wasted in heating up the air. Infrared outdoor heaters are thus highly efficient and cost effective.

Infratube outdoor heaters from Alfresco Spaces do not emit any harmful ultra violet rays and hence the heaters provide a safe outdoor space heating. Electric Infratube heaters do not emit carbon monoxide gas or any flame in the air. Hence the infratube heaters can be mounted on to the ceiling or can be mounted near awnings and sail cloth for outdoor heating.

Infratube outdoor heaters convert 90% of the energy into radiant heat and has a regulated heat output. The Infratube outdoor heaters of Alfresco Spaces are suitable for both indoor as well as outdoor applications.