Employing flash evaporative cooling principles, Coolline 550 stainless steel misting systems from Alfresco Spaces Ltd deliver solid cooling results in large outdoor areas.

An ultra fine mist is delivered by a combination of high efficiency pumps, precision nozzles and stainless steel fogging lines

These stainless steel misting systems are appropriate for residential and commercial applications, providing a safer, more productive and hospitable environment by delivering evaporative cooling through 25 precision 0.008 nozzles.

Housed in a stainless steel enclosure with filtration, Coolline 550 cooling systems:

  • cool temperatures up to 30 degrees quickly and efficiently
  • feature a 1200 psi / 1 GPM high performance triplex pump
  • are available in 110 volt / 220 volt in 50/60Hz
  • hook up to a standard garden water hose; and
  • are easily installed.
Add on mist line kits are also available, offering expansion of up to 46 nozzles for 28 metres of misting.