Alfresco Spaces Ltd  have been appointed as Australian distributor for Coolline Misting Systems.

Coolline Misting Systems can help to reduce the temperature of indoor and outdoor areas by 15°C.

Coolline high pressure misting fans and misting systems have been specifically designed to efficiently introduce a super fine mist into the area that requires cooling. The superfine mist evaporates almost instantly, therefore cooling the area with spectacular results. The ultra fine water droplets absorb the energy (heat) and evaporate to cool the air.

These misting systems are cost effective when compared to reverse air-conditioning and purchase and installation costs are generally about half that of central refrigerated air-conditioning.

Operation of the misting system is a quarter that of refrigerated air and power consumption is limited to the fan and water pump vs. compressors, pumps, and blowers. Also, there is very little maintenance involved with the misting systems.

Cooline misting systems can be used in indoor and outdoor gaming areas, outdoor dining areas, DOSA’s, kitchens and beer gardens.