Alerton Australia  specialises in offering building monitoring systems across Australia. Alerton Australia caters to the requirements of various sectors including government, commercial, health and retail.

Alerton Australia provides various monitoring systems to be apt for any requirements of basic to complex enterprises. Alerton Australia is said to be a leader in installation of energy and building monitoring equipment. Various monitoring systems from Alerton Australia are based on various platforms including BACtalk, IBEX and Tridium.

BACtalk offers a gamut of products to provide non proprietary, fully scalable and advanced building management systems. BACtalk is Building Automation and Control Network (BACnet) implemented at all levels of the system. This building monitoring equipment can be installed in any kind or size of buildings, ranging from schools, universities, hospitals, to factories and military installations.

IBEX platform offers total control to the entire building automation system. This software from Alerton Australia can monitor, view and control operation located anywhere from a single graphical workstation.

Tridium software used in various building automation systems integrates various proprietary systems into one single system. They also aid in providing reports of building systems which include energy and utility performance and enterprise wide management.