Alerton Australia  offers building automation system for the commercial, government, health and various other sectors. Alerton Australia also specialises in providing energy management solutions. These energy management systems offer optimum usage of energy with most efficient operations. Energy management applications make use of Optergy, a tool which aid in providing effective and efficient use of energy.

Energy management solution from Alerton Australia collects raw data by connecting to meters and communicates it with other building automation systems which include building management system, Lighting and Access Control. Then, they provide various tools to analyse the data and display premium quality graphical reports on the aggregate data.

Energy management systems from Alerton Australia monitor the amount of water and energy imported into the building. They also display where exactly energy and water is being used in the building. Energy management applications from Alerton Australia offer a wide range of facility which includes tracking of EOI pulses and meter energy, allowing maximum demand control and validation of utility bills. Energy management systems from Alerton Australia offer various features and benefits which include utility tariff calculator, tracking of energy imports and exports, scrolling displays, SQL database, thin client architecture, latest web technologies and communication protocols.