Alda Design  specialises in offering display and storage solutions to the commercial market. Alda Design offers a wide range of storage solutions which includes Van accessories, Rak-A-Van kits, Rak-A-Van components, Speed frames and Showcases.

Rak-A-Van kits from Alda Design are ideal for organizing vehicles quickly. They provide maximum storage capacity. A gamut of kits are offered by Alda Design which includes plumbers kits, electricians kits, trade kits, locksmith kits and service kits. These kits are ideal for all installations and can also be altered if required. Alda Design provides easy and cost effective storage solutions.

Plumber kits are available in medium bays, long bays and extra long bays. These plumber kits are available in different height and length to suit varying requirements. Electrical kits are also available in long, medium and extra long bays. Locksmith kits, Trade kits and service kits from Alda Design are available in medium bays. Rak-A-Van components from Alda Design are available with different bay widths and heights to match any type of vehicle. The storage system from Alda Design ranges form bins, trays to brackets.