Alda Design  offers a wide range of framing systems, tubes, joints, showcases and counters.

Alda Design offers innovative modular framing systems. Modular framing systems are ready to use as they are pre-finished. These framing systems are easy to assemble and do not require any welding or special treatment. Alda Design offers modular framing systems which are strong, rigid and easy to design. Framing systems are available in various size, width and height to match varying requirements. These framing systems can be re-used and relocated. Alda Design also offers various accessories for glazing, cladding, paneling and shelving.

Alda Design supplies aluminium tubes, inserts and joints. Alda Design offers various tubes including plain tube, single slotted tube, double slotted tube and triple slotted tube. These slotted tubes are available in black powder coat. Various other tubes like fin tube, cladding tube, glazing tube and fin-glazing tube are available from Alda Design.

Alda Design also provides a gamut of showcases and counters. A range of sliding glass doors and glass shelves with adjustable height is offered by Alda Design. Various showcases and counters from Alda Design include vertical showcases, glass counters and counters with storage and counter top sandwich cases. Alda Design also offers a gamut of display glasses including counter display, tower display and wall mounted and wall standing display.