Alcoa Fastening Systems  offers lock bolt fastening systems, nuts, panel fasteners, special aerospace fasteners, pin fastening systems, thread roll and header tooling for aerospace, automotive and industrial applications.

Lock bolt fastening systems are available in metric and unified sizes. These lock bolts are available in various innovative designs for minimal water absorption, enhanced fatigue performance, improved fuel tightness and electrical continuity.

Wrenching nuts from Alcoa Fastening Systems are highly versatile and are available in twelve spline, hexagon and double hexagon styles. Anchor nuts are suitable for blind locations and they are easy to maintain, are long lasting.

Channel nuts from Alcoa Fastening Systems are suitable for applications that require equally spaced and multiple anchor type nuts. Other related products including nut plates, lock nuts, bearing nuts and retainers are available from Alcoa Fastening Systems.

Panel fasteners offer high vibration resistance and positive locking action. These panel fasteners are ideal for electronic and aircraft applications. Pin fasteners are strong, reliable and are light weight in order to suit composite material requirements. Pin fasteners are suitable for sealant applications.

Alcoa Fastening Systems also provides special aerospace fasteners in computer generated 3D models, concurrent designs and services to suit individual customer requirements.