Established in the year 1979, Albedor Industries specialises in the manufacturing of cabinet doors. Albedor Industries offers cabinet doors for kitchens, bathrooms and laundry requirements. Engineered with quality and reliability, Albedor Industries constantly innovates and updates its products.

Cabinet doors from Albedor Industries are highly stylish and versatile to suit both commercial and domestic requirements. These cabinets are available in various colours and finish to suit varying specifications. Apart from offering kitchen cabinet doors and bathroom doors, Albedor Industries also offers decorative pieces which can be added to complement the cabinets.

Albedor Industries provides courteous and timely customer service. Albedor Industries specialises in supplying quality kitchen cabinet doors with high standard of workmanship, design and service at a comprehensive price. Safe working condition and friendly environment is offered by Albedor Industries for its employees.

Doors manufactured by Albedor Industries are individually cleaned, checked and packed to ensure that the goods are delivered in perfect condition. These high quality doors from Albedor Industries are ideal for cabinet makers, architects and builders.

Albedor industries is also a member of the Cabinet Makers Association and Australian Thermo Laminating Association (ATLA).