Albany Nomafa , now known as Albany Door Systems was started in the year 1968. Albany International Corp, parent company of Albany Door Systems, pioneered the invention of world’s high-speed roll up door. Initially the company designed a door with a fabric panel that could rapidly roll up and down with a counterbalance system. This kept the door closed, tight and smooth for operation. Since this door had a great demand in the market, a separate door division known as Albany Nomafa was formed.

Albany Door Systems is the one of the leading manufacturer of high performance industrial doors in the global market. High performance doors can withstand even the hardest of environmental changes, as they are made of long-lasting, strong, durable steel and aluminium mechanical components.

High performance doors are good alternatives to traditional doors in terms of speed, durability and reliability. These doors possess high operating cycles and advanced safety features.

Albany Door Systems provides knowledgeable, accessible and responsive technicians to support and assist customers. The dedicated branches of the company also provide quality parts and other after-sales services to satisfy customers’ needs and requirements.