Exterior doors from Albany Nomafa , now called as Albany Door Systems, are made of heavy duty steel or aluminium components. Exterior doors have a superior drive, good control systems and strong door panels. Exterior openings requiring rugged and reliable doors can opt for Albnay Door Systems’ exterior doors. Places having frequent in and out traffic or where secured access is required can opt for exterior doors.

The different types of exterior doors offered by Albany Door systems are RapidRoll 3000, RapidRoll 3000 L, RapidRoll 900, RapidRoll 660 and RapidRoll 600.

RapidRoll 600 doors use modular design in order to provide superior operation. Workflow of the door is efficient as it enables fast opening and closing. Exterior doors have lower maintenance costs and they offer high wind resistance, reliable performance in high traffic areas and substantial safety features. They also contain an innovative control system and an MCC vector control.

RapidRoll 900 doors are extremely robust and are tear resistant. RollTex fabric used in this door is suitable for industrial applications. These doors also have a long life and can prevent drafts and heat loss.

RapidRoll 3000 are highly transparent due to large vision panels. The ingenious winding mechanism limits wear and noise caused due to the discdrive. These doors consist of a pre-running safety photocell on the main closing edge to provide safety.