Albany Door Systems, initially known as Albany Nomafa , offers interior doors, exterior doors and process doors. Interior doors are ideal when an industrial building is to be divided into separate zones. The interior doors effectively educe the transmission of heat, sound, dust and cold from one area to another. These doors possess fast opening and closing speeds that help to expedite material flow through doors.

The various kinds of interior doors are RapidRoll 300, RapidRoll 330 ECO, RapidRoll 330, RapidRoll 3000 L, RapidRoll 660, RapidRoll 3000, RapidRoll 600, RapidRoll 420, Swingview door and Stripview Curtain.

RapidRoll 300 doors from Albany Door Systems are economical and also save energy costs. These doors have knock out option and can open and close in high speed. RapidRoll 330 ECO doors are compact, lightweight and are suitable for diverse applications like noise reduction, isolation, draft reduction, over or under pressure and occupational safety.

The anodised aluminium side frames give an appealing feeling to the doors. The smooth PVC and RollTex surface used in the doors enables easy cleaning, which makes these doors suitable for hygienic area.

Swingview doors from Albany Door Systems provide hygiene, safety and environmental control. These doors are reliable, have an attractive design, provide hands free access and serve as an economical and practical solution to doorway problems. Swingview doors can be used in hospitals, supermarkets, coolrooms, warehouses and factories.