Albany Door Systems  is a supplier of doors and related dealer and market services through its product application. Albany Door Systems is said to possess several years of knowledge and experience in the door manufacturing arena.

Exterior doors and interior doors are the two chief products of Albany Door Systems. Albany doors are engineered with strong door panels, aluminium and heavy duty steel components. Exterior doors have breakway bottom beams, photocells and multi-varied window configurations that increase workplace safety. Albany Doors can be used in several kinds of exterior applications that require secured access.

The RapidRoll 3000 High Performance Industrial Door is an exterior door proudtc from Albany Door Systems that is designed to bring about savings in operating costs. The RapidRoll 3000 L High Performance Industrial Door is designed to offer a high level of transparency due to the use of vision panels. The exterior closure system of this door allows it to be used in high frequency openings. The high speed roll door from Albany Door Systems is chiefly applicable for interior use.