Albany Door 's specific design allows the separation of machinery in working sectors within a manufacturing process with the objective of enhancing safety work flow. Albany Door Systems’ doors can be used in working sectors that require fast closing and opening of doors that separate man from the machine.

Albany Door Systems can be used in multi-various industries where vehicle flow, material speed and environment separation are critical. These industries include warehousing and distribution, food manufacturing, transportation manufacturing, gGovernment buildings, recreational facilities, public transportation, freezer and cold storage, mining, and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

In the food manufacturing industry, Albany Doors’ products reduce dust and dirt transmission by sealing off partitioned areas. The doors manufactured by Albany Door Systems for the food processing industry use FDA compliant door panels and stainless steel components while allowing for convenient and easy cleaning and maintenance. The Albany Swingview Door is deigned to maintain hygiene, environmental control and safety.
Doors from Albany Door Systems for the transportation and manufacturing sectors are made of steel panels and components and incorporate control systems, which are suitable for the industries.

For parking facilities, Albany doors are designed using rugged door panels, aluminium or steel components. Parking facility doors possess safety features such as contact-less safety edges.