Alaska Air Conditioner  can supply a wide range of top brands in split system air conditioners.

Split system air conditioners are commonly used for cooling and heating in homes as well as shops and offices.

Factors such as the size and star rating need to be considered before investing in a suitable system. Selecting the size of a split system air conditioner for any room will need the assistance of a specialist.

Sizing the unit is important as a small unit will compromise the cooling or heating of the room while an oversized unit will only result in waste of money.

Alaska Air Conditioner specialists can provide expert advice to buyers on the best system for the home, office or shop.

Choosing a split system air conditioner unit with the highest star rating is recommended as the number of stars is an indication of its energy efficiency. Proper installation is also important as it may impact the performance of the split system air conditioner by reducing the system's cooling and heating capacity, increasing electricity cost and shortening the unit’s lifespan.