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    Alan Oxford’s Plumbing and Electrical delivers Home, Commercial and Industrial Plumbing Services

    Alan Oxford's Plumbing and Electrical

    Alan Oxford’s Plumbing and Electrical  delivers a wide range of home, commercial and industrial plumbing services. The experienced staff is able to install and repair household kitchen, bathroom and laundry appliances such as taps, sinks, showers, toilets, garbage disposal and specialist filtration and water conditioning systems. They can also attend to outdoor plumbing requirement ssuch as roofing, guttering, landscape drainage, rainwater tanks and garden watering systems.

    Alan Oxford’s Plumbing also offers industrial plumbing services for the following:

    • Drains and sewers – collapsed or blocked lines are detected and repaired with non intrusive equipment
    • Pipes and leaks – the company can locate, repair or replace pipes that have been damaged by corrosion

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