Aladdin Onsite Cleaning Services  distributes dryers from Excel Dryers. The technology used in Excel Dryers remains unchanged ever since its establishment. Many hand dryer models in the market still use the same technology as done in the models of 1948.

Excel Dryer Corporation gives stress to each and every process carried down during the production, through which it has created a revolution for hand dryers. Excel Dryers are considered to be the most effective hand dryers in the world.

Excel Dryers have the capacity to dry hands in 12 seconds. Initially the air dryer blows the water molecules from the hands within 4 seconds. After this, evaporation and hand warming takes place in about 7-9 seconds. In order to provide safety, the dryer is designed with a safety switch so that if hands are not removed within 35 seconds, the airflow is stopped.

The unique feature of reducing waste and conserving energy has made Excel Dryers obtain the Greenspec Approval from Building Green Council of America. It has also received the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Award.

Excel hand dryers supplied by Aladdin Onsite Cleaning Services are cost effective, as the dryers save 90% of the cost incurred in purchasing paper towels. These dryers also save nearly 70% of power by consuming only 240v. These air dryers are also light weight and rust proof