Established in the year 1969, Aladdin Onsite Cleaning Services is a subsidiary of Aladdin’s Holdings. Aladdin Onsite Cleaning Services takes care of distribution and marketing of various Excel Dryer products. Aladdin Onsite Cleaning Services thus provides total hand drying solutions to the customers.

Aladdin Onsite Cleaning Services has the sole distribution and marketing rights for Excel Dryers' products. The geographic scope of Excel Dryers is limited to Australia and New Zealand. The mission of Aladdin Onsite Cleaning Services is to provide customers with the fastest, economical and most efficient hand drying solutions.

Excel Dryer Corporation is the manufacturer of Excel Dryers. With more than 40 years experience in the field of sales and service, it is now one of the world’s largest manufacturers of warm-air hand dryers.

Manufacturing and assembling of the dryers are done in Massachusetts, United States and distribution is take care by Aladdin Onsite Cleaning Services. The dryers are tested to Australian/New Zealand standards. The Department of Fair Trading has issued a Certificate of Suitability to the company for its products.

Aladdin Onsite Cleaning Services not only provides the most efficient air dryers, but also offers highly satisfactory customer service. The company is well known for its pre-sales and post-sales service. The whole aim of the company is to revolutionise the washrooms with quality air dryers throughout New Zealand and Australia.