Aladdin Laundry  provides linen rental service through its dedicated team members. It offers a flexible service thus satisfying specific needs of the customers. With over 35 years experience in this industry, the company has achieved the winning formula in providing all laundry services to the customers.

The company manages to provide all basic laundry services and linen systems to its customers. In order to maintain high standards, the company invests in staff training. It tries to form teams of experienced members who can cater to different needs of the consumers. As a result, Aladdin Laundry is backed by 500 years collective experience in this particular industry.

In accordance with various occasions, Aladdin Laundry offers large range of colours which includes black, maroon, ivory, red, white lace flounces, forrest green and grey all in box pleat. The table skirts offered by the company come in a standard size of 2.8 metres. All table skirts are supplied along with table clips.

Table napkins from Aladdin Laundry are offered in different colours including black. It also provides table cloths of special sizes apart from the regular ones, to meet the function needs of customers. The standard size of the table cloth is 3m x 3m, whereas special ones come in the size of 2.3m x 3m.