Aladdin Laundry  is a service provider to aged care, accommodation and hospitality industries in and around Sydney. The company has more than 37 years experience in this particular industry and the various services offered by the company are dustmat service, textile rental services, dry cleaning services, linen rental, curtain cleaning, laundry services, casual hire and permanent hire services.

Aladdin Laundry offers extensive range of products which includes table centerpieces, table covers, bath towels, bed linen, table napkins, white and coloured napkins, box pleat skirting, bed sheets, kitchen linen, beach towels, bed pillows, laundry bags, dust control mats and chair covers. The products offered by Aladdin Laundry are dependant on the customer needs.

Aladdin Laundry has provided laundry and dry cleaning services for about 6,000 media people and 15,000 athletes who took part in Sydney Olympic Games 2000. It hosted two dry stores, one in media village and another in Homebush village.

Aladdin Laundry has also provided services for 200,000 people during the world Cup Rugby event 2003 held at Telstra Stadium. Aladdin Laundry also helps the customers in arranging events. Curtain cleaning services are rendered to the customers with the help of trained professionals.