At 3200 litres, the Rainhaven ‘Grand Daddy Slim’ tank is the largest available from Akron Manufacturing . You can have more water to use for your garden, car washing, toilet flushing, washing, pool top ups, etc.

Features of the Rainhaven ‘Grand Daddy Slim’ tank:

Modern, slimline design:

Rainhaven slimline tanks easily fit under the eaves and down the side of suburban homes where a bulky round tank would be impractical.

25 year repair or replacement guarantee:

You can purchase with confidence knowing your Rainhaven tank is not only built to last, but is backed to last.

Rebates available:

Homeowners can receive money back from the council or water authority for purchasing a tank. (Ask your local council or water authority for details)

Manufacturing quality control:

During the manufacturing process, Rainhaven tanks go through a quality control procedure involving an ultra sound test, impact test and a water fill test.

Reduce your usage of mains water:

Save money on water bills. The installation of a Rainhaven tank reduces the strain on our dams.

Available in a range of sizes:

There is a Rainhaven tank size to meet the water usage needs of your home.

Ultraviolet light stability:

Rainhaven tanks are manufactured from the highest grade of UV stable Poly available (UV20) which means they last longer in the harsh Australian climate.

One piece cylindrical mould construction:

Manufacturing the tanks in one piece ensures a strong design that won't buckle, twist, warp or leak.

Minimum wall thickness of 4.5mm:

Rainhaven tanks have a minimum wall thickness of 4.5mm, which not only ensures strength, but it also aids in preventing algae growth by inhibiting the transmission of light.

Available in a range of colours:

Rainhaven tanks suit the decor of any home. Unlike corrugated metal tanks, the colour is not a powder coating that can be accidentally scratched off or dented when you're installing the tank in locations where there isn't much room.