Akron Brass has introduced a new severe-duty, multi-purpose water cannon designed to withstand continuous operation while mounted on heavy-duty equipment like mining and civil construction water carts or landfill vehicles.

Prior to Akron Brass launching the severe duty range of products water cannons, the others available on the market were designed for traditional urban fire brigade use and duty cycles that when used in mining applications failed to provide a long-term solution.

Dusty, dirty, outdoor and continuous vibration applications are what the Akron Brass severe-duty water cannons are designed to survive.

The new style 3491 and 3492 severe-duty water cannons all have the following key features:

  • A stainless steel investment cast 75mm waterway that flows up to 2900 lpm with a 60 metre effective stream reach.
  • Wear resistant high-density polyethylene bearing for added durability. There are no ball bearings to wear out and no greasing is required.
  • The waterway is fabricated in stainless steel as standard with two part enamel painted finish to resist corrosion. Zinc-plated steel can be quoted upon request.
  • Powerful motors are environmentally-sealed (to keep water out), 12 or 24 volt DC (#3491) or hydraulic (#3492). To reduce spare inventory all motors and drive share common parts.
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel shafts and gearing for superior load handling.
  • The Akron Brass 3491 and 3492 severe-duty water cannons have adjustable 320 degree maximum rotation and quick travel speed at 20 degrees per second.

Numerous applications are possible with the 3491 and 3492 severe-duty water cannons such as:

  • Fire suppression
  • Dust control
  • Equipment wash down