Jam factory patrons can now look forward to a fresh new look after the management chose Akril , the sensible alternative to colour backed glass, for bathroom walls in recent renovations.

Choosing Arctic Breeze from Akril’s range of ten ideal colours, the Jam Factory has joined a recognised list of commercial clients using Akril in business environments.

The Jam Factory chose Akril for a range of reasons including, Akril being more economical than colour backed glass, its ease of installation and ideal finish.

Being approved by the Good Environmental Choice of Australia, Akril is a natural choice for both boutique and large businesses, when it comes to a cheaper, more environmentally friendly alternative to colour-backed glass.

Having the lustre of glass without the drawbacks of long lead-times and potential breakages, Akril is a suitable alternative for businesses like the Jam Factory, who want the look of coloured back glass, without the prohibitive costs.