Akril  is pleased to announce that their green building product, engineered polymer, is approved by the ‘Good Environmental Choice of Australia’, otherwise known as GECA. Akril’s engineered polymer has enabled many Architects and Designers to express their creative edge like never before.

The ability to flex and form Akril into various shapes has created a new market, and with the help of the imaginations of designers and architects this green building product can be used to create curved feature walls and splashbacks among numerous other applications.

Akril green building products have been used in numerous Green Credential residential and commercial projects around Australia such as Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations in Darwin, a 5 star accredited project used by Robert Wall from Panel Wall in NSW.

Akril green building products are popular with developers and builders as they turn the hassles of glass fitting into an easy pickup, cut to size and install in a single day process, reducing lead-times and the associated cost of glass.