With the recent shift in global consciousness putting the spotlight firmly on the environment, many homeowners, businesses and corporations have become committed to conserving the planet’s precious resources by thinking green.

Recycling bottles, paper and plastics and installing energy saving light bulbs and low-flow showerheads are just some of the ways Australians are contributing towards a greener planet. However many households and workplaces are also looking to environmentally friendly products like Akril to create sustainable living and work surroundings as well.

The products from Akril are an eco-smart way to add colour, functionality and durability to the design projects, be they domestic or commercial. An innovative and versatile alternative to painted glass, the lightweight, easy-to-use panels are ideal for decorative walls and vertical surfaces of any type where direct heat will not be applied such as splash backs in the kitchen, wet areas in bathrooms and laundries, and cupboard and wardrobe doors throughout the home.

In retail and commercial applications, Akril panels can be used where feature walls and functional surfaces are required such as in foyers, as partitions in offices, for signage and menu boards, as customer service counters, and in many other situations.

Merging style and sustainability, Akril panels not only comes in an inspiring palette of modern designer colours and finishes.

After installation, Akril panels can be easily dismantled and recycled under the category recyclable plastic number 7. This category also includes selected food and drink containers such as some tomato sauce bottles, re-usable water bottles and juice bottles.

In 2007, Akril was awarded a ‘green tick’ by Good Environmental Choice Australia, an internationally recognised eco-labelling scheme that helps customers to identify consumer and building products that are less harmful to the environment.

The ‘green tick’ means building and design professionals can install Akril panels with confidence knowing that it is the only product of its type on the market that has been certified by GECA.

According to Ben Hughes, Akril Business Development Manager, more and more home and business owners as well as corporate companies are embracing the concept of environmental design due to the growing availability of stylish and affordable eco interior products and materials like Akril.

Whether building a new home, renovating or embarking on a commercial fit-out or refurbishment, Australians are becoming more resource-smart and now with Akril panels they do not have to sacrifice style when wanting to create an environmentally friendly home or workplace.

Akril’s latest international project, London Heathrow Airport in the UK, is one such case. Akril panels now feature in the bathrooms of Heathrow’s Terminal 3, which is used by 35 airlines and around 15.5 million passengers every year.

The Akril panels are environmentally friendly, more affordable and easier to install than a similar glass product and it can be cut and fit on-site giving project managers stress free control to complete projects on time.