Akril  is an innovative solution for builders and architects on tight budgets and with time constraints. Akril offers the look of colour backed glass for a fraction of the cost and with a diverse range of ten colours and two finishes, Akril caters to a wide variety of decorating needs.

Akril suits the builders of family homes and large commercial building and is suitable for a variety of applications in commercial and domestic environments.

Akril has also been used as feature walls in foyers, partitions in offices, for signage, menu boards and in many other situations.

Boost Juice stores recently selected Akril to fit out their new stores and the colour backed glass alternative has been used in cafes and shops as far as Dubai.

To eliminate installation headaches, Akril colour backed glass alternative can be cut onsite using conventional tools and as it is flexible, Akril can be bent to fit around curved walls and bars.

Akril colour backed glass alternative has been approved by Good Environmental Choice Australia as an eco-friendly product.

Akril is easy to handle and is available off the shelf from distributors Australia wide and in South-East Asia. Being 50% more cost efficient than its glass equivalent, using Akril will cut costs as well as lead times.

Akril colour backed glass alternative has a UV warranty of 10 years and can withstand heat up to 100 degrees.