Soon to be distributed in Dubai, panels from Akril have been used to give a shiny finish to the 24hr Café at the Dubai Marina. An ideal fit with the modern and cosmopolitan atmosphere of the city, Akril’s brilliance lies in more than just its finish.

With an accreditation from Good Environmental Choice Australia’s Ecolabel programme, Akril is significantly more environmentally friendly to produce than glass and can be recycled at the end of its life.

In a city as fashion conscious as Dubai, Akril range is available in ten colours in both gloss and frost finishes. As is vital in this fast moving metropolis, Akril can be sourced and installed rapidly without the need for specialist installers.

From a design perspective, it was the versatility of Akril, which attracted Dubai Design. Being suitable for decorative and functional wall panelling, on the faces of bars and in kitchen areas, Akril was an attractive product from design and serviceability perspectives.

Akril can be bent around curved walls and used in signage. This is not to mention the finish it gives in bathrooms.

Expanding throughout Asia and now Europe and America, Akril is rapidly becoming an innovative solution to the environmental and financial costs of colour backed glass.

Giving an ideal finish for 40% cheaper than glass, Akril can be used in a vast array of applications. Akril truly is a good product for the contemporary business.