Can’t purchase a splashback over Christmas? Akril Panel’s splashbacks, alternatives to glass, are now available all year round, including the Christmas period when toughening plants are closed. The Akril Panel allows builders to purchase and install splashbacks in a single day at anytime of the year.

Akril Panels are available off the shelf in Melbourne, Sydney and Queensland and can be freighted to all other locations. Akril Panel is not just limited to splashbacks. As an effective glass alternative it is also suitable in any horizontal or vertical wet area applications, such as showers, laundries or decorative cabinets. And it is even suitable for use outdoors. Akril Panel also allows users to easily remove permanent marker, even after an extended period of time. And if scratched, this coated glass panel alternative can be repaired simply by polishing the surface.

Akril Panel has been popular among architects and builders as a surfacing product, since its release at Design Build this year. It gives the unique look of coated glass, without the inherent obstacles associated with glass. Providing the correct cutting tools and adhesives are used, Akril Panel splashbacks and other acrylic surfacing products can be easily installed by builders, cabinet makers, glaziers and D-I-Yers.