AKA Media  provides innovative and strategic media solutions to commercial and industrial sectors across Australia. AKA Media is built up of a team of eight professionals who are considered as leaders in the media industry. AKA Media has provided its strategic and innovative media solutions to leading companies and organisations such as Sydney Olympic Park, BridgeClimb, Tourism Council of Australia and Mission Australia.

AKA Media is of the view that a smaller company is more capable of providing better suited media solutions to customers. AKA Media provides media services such as advertising, billboards advertising, publicity and the like. AKA Media conducts in depth analysis and research into various factors such as brand name, brand image, target audience, budget and campaign goals before taking on a project from the customer.

Experts from AKA Media have years of experience in a large number of sectors such as fashion, weight loss, automotive, finance and many more. A knowledge of the trends in these sectors makes it easier for AKA Media to provide more suitable and innovative media and advertising solutions.