AJ Wheelie Cleaning  has recently merged with Jim’s Group, a leading home service company. AJ Wheelie Cleaning carries its trading activities under the brand and logo of Jim’s Bin Cleaning, which greatly aids the company to explore and expand the franchising.

Bins not cleaned regularly become a breeding place for harmful bacteria like salmonella and listeria and insects like flies, ants and spiders. AJ Wheelie Cleaning operates with onboard water supply consisting of filtration and recycling systems to do away with the nasty odours from bins. As per the Water Board requirements, the company uses 50% of recycled water for cleaning the bins.

The various services offered by Jim’s Group include installing TV antennas and aerials, bin cleaning, book keeping, building maintenance, carpet cleaning, car cleaning, computer services, dog wash, fencing, cleaning, financial services like car loans, home loans, debt consolidation, business loans and personal loans.

AJ Wheelie Cleaning, franchisee of Jim's Group also offers floor polishing, sanding and laying, mowing, painting, paving, pergolas, gazebos, decking, carports, awnings, permaculture, plumbing, pool care, pressure cleaning, roofing, security doors, skip bins, test and tag, pruning of trees, chip repairs, window cleaning, windscreens, resealing, rear glass, side glass and crack repairs.