Available now from Airtowel Hygiene Systems , the Airtowel HD-S905 automatic hand dryer is a high velocity unit that is very efficient on power use.
Hot air hand dryers have been used worldwide for almost 50 years due to their lower operating costs compared to other hand drying methods. Labour costs for stocking, monitoring, replenishing and cleaning up paper hand towels are eliminated with the use of hot air hand dyers.

An ideal example of why building services choose hot air hand dryers, the Airtowel HD-S905 automatic hand dryer is economical, convenient, reliable, and safe. Furthermore, these automatic hand dryers replace and reduce towel use, ultimately conserving forests and lowering landfill demands; a truly environmentally friendly machine.

White ABS cased with a grey trim, these automatic hand dryers are not only efficient but also stylish. These 2400 Watt hand dryers are powered by a heavy duty armature motor operating at 6300rpm and can be hard wired or plug into the wall.

Weighing just 2.6kg and measuring 273mm H x 256mm W x 173mm D, Airtowel HD-S905 automatic hand dryers are backed by a two year warranty.