Airstep Carpet Underlay have manufactured a unique flooring system which complies to the Building Code of Australia’s requirements for floor coverings in relation to fire. Ignition resistant underlays meet Australian Standards AS 9239-1 for building classes 2 to 9 which tests for Critical Radiant Flux and the smoke development rate in carpet and underlays.

Three ignition resistant underlays have been developed by Airstep Carpet Underlay which includes:

  • Airstep Resist - double bonded
  • Airstep Firecheck - conventional
  • Airstep Defiance - conventional accommodation

Other benefits of ignition resistant underlays include a warranty which covers the life of the carpet. All Airstep Carpet Underlay floors are made in Australia from the highest quality materials to ensure longevity and long lasting quality of the underlay. 85% of the raw materials used are recycled, post consumer and post industrial fibres.

Ignition resistant underlays provide excellent underfoot comfort, are designed to last under high volumes of foot traffic, absorb impact making floors quieter to walk on, and have the ability to extend a carpets life.