World-leading specialist in thermal destratification and air circulation fans, Airius has launched its designer range of fans with customisation options.

The new Designer Series fans incorporate the same patented stator technology available in Airius’ other energy saving destratification and air circulation fans.

Enclosed in a cylindrical housing, the Designer Series can be painted to match any colour, making it the perfect choice for architecturally sensitive installations. 

Airius Oceania managing director John Brodie explains that the Designer Series fills a significant gap in the market for a highly customisable and pleasingly aesthetic fan that still offers considerable energy savings and optimised comfort.

Airius’ new Designer Series reduces energy bills in both summer and winter, delivering overall energy savings of 25-40% for any building with a ceiling height greater than 2.5 metres, utilising the proven benefits of destratification and air circulation.

Destratification allows a building’s HVAC or heating/cooling system to run less frequently as the temperature extremes are moderated and the thermostat is satisfied for longer periods of time. Return air temperatures in summer are much cooler and conditioned air is not short circuited out of the return air duct, ensuring the compressors turn off for longer, saving energy.

Destratification significantly lowers a building’s energy use and carbon footprint while offering directional and non-turbulent air flow for cooling in summer.

Airius systems qualify for ESCII energy saving certificates in NSW reducing the implementation cost.