Airdeck is a semi-prefabricated lightweight flooring system designed for non-residential buildings to save time and increase efficiency during floor installations.

With an Airdeck floor, builders can benefit from reduced use of on-site concrete and less crane movements; create flat floors without beams or supporting walls; and allow large spans in the design. Airdeck also enables a lighter building structure with less excavations and lighter foundations.

Airdeck increases efficiency on-site with less formwork and temporary works. This innovative floor system complies with EC2 and other building regulations.

With Airdeck on board, you can count on an experienced floor supplier. The Airdeck team will coordinate the full design and engineering, provide the most optimised floor solution and supply the floors at the site at the right time. 

Airdeck support will also be provided on-site to ensure correct installation of the flooring system.