Aircon Screens  offer hardwood air conditioner screens.

Following are the features of the Aircon Air Conditioning Screens:

  • Made specifically for the Australian climate
  • Designed by Aircon Screen installers
  • Made of maintenance free solid Hardwood, Kwila/Merbau
  • Resists termites and decay
  • Pre-manufactured into 4 easy components and hence easy to install
  • Aesthetic and hides unsightly air conditioners
  • Transportable
  • One size fits all
  • Secure
  • Child/pet friendly
  • Allows plenty of ventilation to the air-conditioning unit, over 680,000 mm2 of free air ventilation
  • Hail proof
  • Efficient by providing valuable "shade" for the air conditioner
  • Minimise leaf-build up around the back of the air conditioning unit
  • Stylish, contemporary and functional