AirClean Technologies ’ filtration media should be selected based on concentration levels, contaminant gases present, room design considerations, environmental concerns and airflow requirements. The filtration media can be used for odour, chemical and corrosive gas removal.

The various elements that enhance the cleaning process include potassium permanganate on aluminia, blend, impregnated aluminia, plain activated carbon, palletized carbon, impregnated carbon and desiccant. Proguard 100, a potassium permanganate removes odorous and destructive gases from air streams. This is typically used in refrigerators, offices, homes and laboratories.

Proguard 200 from AirClean Technologies removes corrosive, toxic and odorous gases from air streams. This media is used in HVAC systems at steel mills, refineries, wastewater treatment plants, museums, hospitals, labs and commercial buildings. The common contaminants removed include sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, formaldehyde and nitric oxide. This media consists of high porosity enabling space for solid by-products to react and this media is low cost.

Proguard 300 offered by AirClean Technologies is an advanced formulation impregnated aluminia that has higher capacity than Proguard 200. This chemistry provides exceptional protection to the sensitive electronic equipment for a longer period.