AirClean Technologies  offers a variety of filters that include PPDmax filter, PMA 90 final filters, carbon bonded disposables, honeycomb disposables and PMA retro. PMA retro filter modules are designed to be fitted in existing air handling systems to add gas phase capabilities. These filters are designed with 1” header to replace bag filters by providing gas contaminant control. It consists of eight trays that are honeycomb or refillable disposables.

PPDmax filter helps in removing the gases, dirt and odours without high pressure drop. The commercial air handling units are replaced by these filters by adding significant gas phase capacity. The revolutionary design of PPDmax filter saves energy and solves odour and fresh air problems. These filters hold 50% more removal capacity in comparison to other filters and are disposable.

PMA 90 final filters provide higher performance, longer life and lower pressure drops. This filter consists of bi-directional guard screen both down and up stream. Carbon bonded disposables from AirClean Technologies replaces the refillable panels and trays. The filter is designed with a bonded carbon that will eliminate the perforated metal used for loose pellets. This filter is available in custom and standard sizes and requires no labour to fill or empty the modules