AirClean Technologies  is one of the leading suppliers of air filtration and air purification system for industrial and commercial environments. The aim of AirClean Technologies is to offer the client’s quality air purification system by utilising air filtration technologies. AirClean Technologies tailors air filtration solutions according to the customer’s specific needs.

The diverse product range offered by AirClean Technologies incorporates both central and portable air purifications systems, special media types for chemical, gas, odour removing and high efficiency particulate filters for capturing allergens, ultra fine particulates, mould, bacteria and viruses.

The air purification system from AirClean Technologies can be used to clean hazardous contaminants in schools, workplace, hospitals, laboratory, homes, factories and many more places. The products offered by AirClean Technologies are classified into commercial products, industrial products and filtration media products to suit diverse applications.

The commercial air purifiers from AirClean Technologies consist of Environair purifiers and ProMark Associates products. The commercial air purifiers include E300 air purifier, E400 air purifier, E400B air purifier and E600 air purifier. ProMark Associates products include media, filters, housings and modules.