air2energy  is based in Australia and specialises in providing ventilation systems for industrial and commercial applications. Heat recovery ventilation and energy recovery ventilation technologies are used by air2energy for designing its ventilation systems.

air2energy has over twenty years of experience in the energy efficiency field and has come to be regarded as a specialist in ventilation heating and cooling. air2energy has direct access to the technologies owned by Venmar CES Engineers of North America.

Some of the ventilation equipment offered by air2energy includes standard filtration systems used for exhaust airstream to filter out particals. These ventilation systems keep recovery modules clean and efficient, without the need for high maintenance.

Indoor swimming pools produce chlorine laden water vapour. This water vapour causes numerous problems like rust, blistering of paint, damage to structural supports and other cosmetic problems to a building. This necessitates costly and time consuming repairs. In these cases, Venmar ventilators can recover up to 80% of heat from pool rooms. These ventilators are also used to pre-heat incoming fresh air while the condensate is returned to the pool.

The Venmar heat recovery ventilator supplied by air2energy can be installed to remove moisture from indoor environments. The benefits of Venmar heat recovery ventilators are low energy use, and anti corrosive properties.