XVEN SPC series energy recovery ventilators, now available from air2energy , are ideal for use in all residential and apartment buildings.

Featuring a low height profile, these ventilators have been specifically designed for installation in ceiling cavity spaces, offering heat recovery efficiencies of up to 78%, and cooling efficiencies of up to 69%.

They are particularly well suited for use in warmer climates, and environments that are subject to high humidity, retaining heat in cold climates and reducing the load on cooling systems in warm climates.

Capable of being controlled via a remote control or home network, SPC series energy recovery ventilators:

  • recover heating and cooling
  • combines filtration and ventilation
  • filter outside fresh air
  • optimise energy efficiency
  • control humidity, either reducing or increasing moisture levels to the required level; and
  • reduce the symptoms associated with respiratory problems and allergies.