Air View Aluminium  provides a range of automatic doors, bi folding doors and windows and domestic windows. The automatic doors from Air View Aluminium are available in various configurations suited for range of applications. Automatic doors ranging from single sliding doors to complex sliding breakout systems, accompanied with security and fire alarms are available. These automatic doors can be installed in shops, hospitals, clubs and shopping centres.
Bi folding doors and windows from Air View Aluminium are becoming extremely popular as these doors enable opening a room to the outside. These bi folding doors and windows are commonly used in restaurants and cafes. These doors and windows are used in the residential sectors also.
An important benefit of the bi folding doors and windows is the maximum ventilation provided. These doors also allow enough light to enter the room. It is suitable for use during extreme weather conditions as well. Difficulty in screening the opening is the disadvantage of the bi folding doors and windows.
Air View Aluminium also installs Wintec windows for domestic purposes. A range of products such as sliding doors, awnings, sliding and hinged glass doors, double hung and fixed glass windows are available as well. These windows and doors are custom made and are available in anodised or powder coated form. Options like timber reveals, screens, colonial bars fitted to windows are also offered.