Air - Therm Australia  is known for designing and manufacturing vents for industrial applications. The product line of Air - Therm Australia includes side louvers, roof vents and industrial heat exchangers. A range of ventilators are manufactured by Air - Therm Australia such as ventilator VG, ventilator K and ventilator DCS.

Ventilator VG from Air - Therm Australia is designed for maximum exhaust airflow and water run off. These ventilators are commonly used in chemical plants, steel mills, heavy industries and aluminum smelters. Ventilator VG is constructed by framing the steel angles with a minimum thickness of 6 mm, after which cladding of galvanised steel, aluminum, prepainted steel and prepainted aluminum is undertaken.

Ventilator K is designed for maximum exhaust airflow, lightness and low silhouette. These ventilators from Air - Therm Australia are used in power plants, maintenance areas, factories and large areas.

Air - Therm Australia offers two types of vents namely M vents and R vents. Wall louvers are also manufactured for rugged construction, blade stiffness and maximum air induction. These louvers are designed for corrosive environment and are commonly used in power plants, chemical plants, factories and heavy industries. Air - Therm Australia offers iron unit heaters and Axelair intake panels as well.